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I picked up the soprano ukulele a few years ago. I had stopped travelling with my acoustic guitar at this point, but my fingers were itchy, and I was missing a fretboard, so I opted for a smaller stringed instrument. I couldn’t find a single ukulele in the country I was working in at the time (now no longer the case as there seems to have been a jumping flea Renaissance!), so I

requested one from home. My parents promptly dispatched the only soprano uke they could find- a budget Hilo uke that sounded just fine.

©Bob Hodson

At this point in my life I was also interested in British Music Hall songs and was fortunate enough to have a few old songs sheets that included ukulele chords. My first song was “ Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow-wow ” followed closely by “ Waiting At The Church." Months later,while on a short trip to England, I was able to purchase my first uke banjo: a John Gray & Sons model at Ivor Mariant's in London; and the store put me in touch with  Bob Hodson of the Ukulele Society of Great Britain.  I was on my way to building a repertoire of songs and meeting new people who shared similar interests in the ukulele. This site is a thank you to everyone who has shared a chord or swapped a song.

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